The heart and soul of Q tip.

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Rolling Paper

How about a paper whose length
you decide on your own?

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Perfectly rolled cigarette


  • The heart and soul of Q tip. We are a filter company so naturally we have all the filter tips you need and here they are …
  • If classic filters weren't enough, we've got more filter tips for you. They are 4:20, so that's what we call them, but use them any time you want…
    TIPS 4:20
  • After you pick your filter and the smoke content, you also need a rolling paper. How about a paper whose length you decide on your own …?
  • To make rolling easier and more fun ...

Private label

FILTERS are the heart and soul of Q tip. We provide our clients with highest quality SUPER SLIM, SLIM and REGULAR filter tips adjusted to roll-your-own habits of any market in terms of packaging method and number of tips per retail unit. We work with both pop-a-tip and loose tips, wrapped and non-wrapped, flavored, capsulated and hand rolled carton 4:20 tips. Packed in zip-lock bags or boxes and we aim at developing that product portfolio to whathever the market needs are in the future.

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